West Flanders Black Immaculate IPA Caramel

A chewy butter caramel made with an intense reduction of the abundantly hop-py IPA, Black Immaculate. Strong bitter flavor notes make an excellent compliment to the sweet and bitter notes of  burnt caramel and the creaminess of whole butter, garnished with the lion’s head logo of West Flanders Brewing Company.

Chef Sarah Amorese

Piece, Love & Chocolate Owner Chef Sarah Amorese is a professional chocolatier and pastry chef. Throughout her teens, she and her family ran a bakery in Texas. She went on to receive pastry and culinary diplomas from the International School of Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver, Colo., and many other certifications and credentials from prestigious national pastry schools, including the Notter School of Pastry Arts and Chocolate Studio in Orlando, Fla., and the French Pastry School in Chicago, Ill. She opened Piece, Love & Chocolate in 2011, a specialty chocolate boutique where and she and her team create delicacies combining their experience, trends, art, and the science of chocolate.