Petite Pastries

All of our Petite Pastries are cut to be approximately 2 bite-sized pieces. They are beautifully garnished and placed in decorative dessert cups – perfect for a platter and easy service. We recommend planning on about 2 – 3 pieces per person. All pastries are ordered by the dozen, with a minimum of 1 dozen for a special order. Most pastries are available gluten-free at no additional charge!

Our Petite Pastries are all $24 – $32.40/dozen. We deliver!

Petite Pastries

Milk or White Chocolate Cheesecake (seasonal options available!)

White or Dark Chocolate Mini Cupcakes (filled with mousse)

Raspberry or Chocolate Mousse-filled Tulip Cups

Chocolate-dipped Strawberries

Sweet and Salty Brownie Bites

Chocolate Pecan Squares

Cream Puffs

French Macaroons

Fresh Fruit Tartlets

Dark Chocolate Ganache Tartlets

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