…a reflection of the industry!

Madame Chocolat’s Blog:

My Beloved Chocophiles,

Most chocolatiers like myself have small, artisan businesses. As a private company, I would never share my annual revenues with you – it’s my business and that’s that!

However, as a business owner, I am always wanting to know more information about my industry. How are other chocolate companies and shops faring? I know people love chocolate, but will they still buy it during a recession? As you have probably figured out by now, in opening this shop on Pearl Street, I am feeling rather confident that you will continue to buy chocolate.

Now, of course, that doesn’t excuse me from ensuring you, my beloved guest, that I will do everything within my power to bring you the very best chocolate products and love you up with my guest service. That goes without saying which, in my experience, always means it’s worth saying!

I glean tremendous joy when I read articles on how the bigger businesses of premium chocolate are succeeding. Large companies, such as Kraft, have enjoyed a little extra in revenue since their purchase of Cadbury a year ago and that has surely been interesting to watch. These publicly traded companies are a reflection of my business of chocolate as a whole. If they do well and make bold positive statements of growth for the future of my beloved interests, then I can’t help but do a wiggly, jiggly happy dance!

Yes, it’s true! Chocolate remains an “affordable luxury” and has throughout this recession. We have chosen to postpone larger less pressing purchases, but it remains the little things in life like chocolate and lipstick (according to Mintel International) that help us to adhere our preseverance to the sticking post. 

I found this delicious article regarding double-digit chocolate success in our own Colorado backyard…


I am thrilled that RMCF is doing so well! Kudos to them! Economic hope is on the horizon and it is enrobed in sweet, viscous chocolate!

Thanks for letting my share, my friends!

Warmest, Sarah