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Truffles“Sarah Amorese is my go-to for chocolate. Her chocolate truffles were so popular, people were begging for more. I will always trust her to provide chocolate goodies for my business and personal functions.  Piece, Love, and Chocolate!!!!”
Jackie Nelson
Boulder, CO

“We didn’t want to let too much time pass before sending you a note to thank you for the wonderful dessert table you set up at our wedding a few weeks ago! The cake design was gorgeous — exactly what we had in mind — and you did a lovely job incorporating the flowers and our photos onto the table. It was perfect.

Now, to the desserts….all I can tell you is that at the end of the reception, there was no cake left (not even a small, half-eaten slice) and there were only 6 uneaten dessert bar pieces (that Carrie and I quickly ate ha ha). That should tell you all you need to know, but everything was absolutely delicious! We loved everything — just like in our tastings — the cake and cupcakes were perfect, the mousse cups (especially the lemon cups!) were refreshing, and the cream puffs light and delicious. All in all, we can’t thank you enough.

We are so happy we met, and thank you for contributing to our wonderful day! Carrie and I will definitely be up to your shop in Boulder now and then, I have been dying to try your hot chocolate and some other treats!

All the best,
Carrie and Andy”

“I just wanted to say how much I absolutely love this shop!!! I live in Fargo, ND and found it “by accident” when I was in Boulder a few years ago. I have been telling everyone about it since then, including family & friends in the Denver area. Anytime I know of someone who might be in Colorado, I tell them about PLC. In 5 days, I stopped in PLC 3 times and was utterly delighted with everything I tried.

“Since I don’t live close enough to try all the goodies myself I check Facebook weekly to see what I am missing:( I would love to be there to try your fall creations!!! I was lucky enough to have a friend passing through this summer that picked up an order for me so that will have to do until I get back to Colorado myself. I think it would be great to try the chocolate & beer pairings. You do a great job & I really enjoyed my visit with Gina when I was there. Your shop is a little piece of heaven!!!”
A Huge Fan,
Annette Good
Fargo, ND

“From the moment I touched her decadent chocolate to my tongue I was in heaven, never to love another more….Piece, Love & Chocolate’s confections are tantalizing ecstasy for your taste buds. I had the joy of savoring many of Sarah’s chocolaty confections including her truffles, cakes, chocolate covered pretzels and more throughout 2009. Sarah is to chocolate like Santa’s Elves are to Christmas…truly magical and pure talent when it comes to both presentation and taste.”
Gretchen Reid
Golden, CO

Truffles“The first time I’ve tasted Sarah’s chocolate truffle was when she brought in some samples to one of the fitness classes we both took. After the first bite, I shamelessly had to have the second after all the hard work sweating. That’s when I learned of her plan to open a chocolate shop in Boulder and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the opening day. When my anniversary came, the first thing that popped into my head was Sarah’s truffle. Sarah came through, of course, and my husband loved it. When it comes to my chocolates, I am very picky. And I think I know where my husband will go for a box of chocolate for me.”
Sukmi Ledru
Boulder, CO

“My wife and I were trying to think of something special to make a part of our 50th Wedding anniversary, but didn’t find anything particularly imaginative at any bakeries, and neither we nor our children were inclined to spend either much time or money on expensive champagnes. Sarah to the rescue! She suggested a tiered chocolate cake iced with an incredible (as in “You can’t believe how great…) chocolate coat that incorporated scenes of experiences we recall fondly over the years of our marriage. It was beautifully executed and absolutely delicious. It was not only a great hit he evening of the celebration, but we froze what we didn’t eat or expect to eat over the next few days, and satisfied our chocolate hunger over the next several weeks by raiding the freezer! We are so grateful to Sarah for suggesting, then producing the perfect centerpiece for our celebration.”
Jack & Shirley Deeter
Boulder, CO

Wedding cake“A personalized architectural masterpiece almost too beautiful to eat until I took the first bite.”
Marin Toscano
Lyons, CO

“I commissioned Sarah to create a themed cake for my daughter’s semester abroad in China in August, 2010. She came up with the idea to create a replica of the Great Wall. It was both astounding art and by far the most delicious chocolate raspberry cake anyone had ever tasted.”
Joseph Toscano
Lyons, CO

“As 2010 came to a close, I thought I could resist the holiday temptations in the teachers’ lounge at school. When parents brought in treats for the staff, it was the salted caramels coated in dark chocolate that tantalized me all throughout lunch. My will power almost held. Then I saw the sign noting they were made by Sarah Amorese of Piece, Love & Chocolate. Having previously enjoyed this talented chocolatier’s confections, I knew I’d be a fool to miss out! The bittersweet chocolate was the perfect compliment to the gooey, salted caramel. Delectable!”
Aimee Newfield
Boulder, CO

“Sarah made an absolutely stunning chocolate cake sculpture for the Eccentric Artists’ Gardens opening in 2006. It was SO over the top and drop-dead gorgeous! Her attention to detail and meticulous care are unbelievable.”
Elizabeth Black
Boulder, CO

caramel-salted-tort“The cake Sarah made for my wife’s birthday was the highlight of a wonderful party. If chocolate had a queen, Sarah would wear the crown. I’ve always loved chocolate, but Sarah introduced me to a real LOVE of chocolate. We now have access to the ‘food of the gods’ right here in Boulder. Sarah’s chocolate cakes have become a feature of our most important occasions – our son’s wedding, my wife’s 50th birthday party. Her exquisite creations are a multi-sensory experience. Visually stunning, the aroma of fine chocolate leads to a combination of silky textures and deeply sensual flavor”
Steve Spencer
Boulder, CO

“Sarah made some absolutely sinful chocolate truffles for me. They were so intense in flavor and velvety in texture. Truly a work of love!”
Yvonne Janowski

Boulder, CO

Dessert bar“Oh, the Chocolate Truffles… I employed the creative services of Piece Love and Chocolate to not only create the most appetizing and elegant chocolate truffles known to man; but, I also needed to solve a timeless problem. I humbly requested for Sarah to create the quintessential delectable treat known as the chocolate truffle AND to make it healthy. The problem in the past has been — industry has yet to deliver a truly tasty nutriceutical. Any previous calcium combination has resulted in dry, unappetizing supplements instead of mouth watering, moist, creamy, true chocolate truffles. With the help of our unique quality of calcium carbonate, Sarah accomplished the task with flying colors. Piece Love and Chocolate delivered tasty morsels of calcium goodness which left everyone yearning for more… and to think, we all now get to enjoy these delicacies right on our beloved Pearl Street Mall! Thank you Sarah, thank you Piece Love and Chocolate!”
Tanya Czarkowski
Marketing Director, White Cliff Minerals
Boulder, CO

Custom Wedding Cake“The experience of Sarah’s chocolate… from hand-crafted truffles, to birthday sculptural chocolate cake, to rehearsal dinner party (wedding) cake…I had a most joyous surprise when I received a sculpted chocolate cake for my 50th birthday, made by no other than Sarah Amorese. My husband was in on the designing of the cake that Sarah made, and I was totally surprised, having no idea that this was being made for me. The cake was lit with many candles, and presented to me on my fiftieth birthday. It was chocolate, of course, and had sculpted chocolate and white chocolate accents of flutes (I play the flute), paintbrushes and palette (I am an artist of watercolor paintings), and a yoga seated woman, me, another love of mine being yoga practice and teaching. The cake not only looked like artwork and sculpture, it tasted divine, only the best ingredients involved.”

Raspbeverly Flourless Cake“For my older son’s wedding-rehearsal dinner party, we had a garden party with pizza and various foods and drinks. The chocolate cake was gorgeously made by Sarah, a chocolate heart-shaped cake, with red-raspberries filling in the heart shape, against a sea of chocolate background, or icing. This combination was incredibly delicious, the raspberry with the chocolate. Again a success and inspiration tasted by all. I have had the pleasure of tasting some of Sarah’s truffles, chocolates, and gourmet chocolate treats. Creamy and tasty. Purely chocolate. If you have any questions at all that are about Sarah and her chocolate creations, why do feel free to ask me for persuasion. I highly recommend the experience and treat, both visual and taste-sensing in it’s’ scope, of Sarah and Piece, Love & Chocolate’s creations.”
Dee Spencer
Boulder, CO