January Chocolate Lab for Lovers… of Craft Beer

January Chocolate Lab for Lovers... of Craft Beer


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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Avery Brewing Company
5763 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO, 80303

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Hosted by Chef Sarah Amorese – chocolatier & Jeff Mendel – craft beer veteran; esteemed partner, director and ambassador of Left Hand Brewing Company
Hosted by Avery Brewing Company
(must be 21 years old)

Beer truly loves chocolate. Historic cousins and perfect partners, beer and chocolate are great companions. If you have never tried this decadent fellowship, you are missing something very special, indeed! For those lucky few that have already experienced this decadent marriage of food and drink, you will instantly light up and say, “Yes, please!”

Jeff and Sarah take beer and chocolate pairing to the next level by exploring history, ingredients and the creative craft processes behind these two celebrated fermented foods.  Why do beer and chocolate complement each other so well?

Beer and chocolate, having so many things in common, are the perfect pairing partnership! In the class, we reveal the delicious similarity between chocolate and beer. They are both fermented foods believed to be created by happy accidents. Each has its own delicate balance of sweet and bitter flavors. Malt beer is naturally very sweet and would not be palatable without the balancing bitterness of hops. In much the same way, chocolate is based on roasted and bitter cocoa balanced by sugar. In both cases, a perfect union is created in the balance between bitter and sweet. This is when beer and chocolate are at their most decadent best.

Whether beer is served with a chocolate dessert or the chocolate is brewed right into the beer, the two work incredibly well together. Both share an affinity for a wide variety of foods such as nuts, fruit, and yes, even bacon!

With a focus on the beloved and small batch craft production of both chocolate and beer, this is an elegant and  metaphysical exploration of the physiology of tasting beer and chocolate together. It will excite and enlighten your palate unlike any other food pairing.

Surrounded by kegs and barrels and taps – oh my! We are very proud to offer this wildly entertaining and fun class on site and in the tap room of Avery Brewery Company at 5763 Arapahoe Avenue.

This interactive class is sure to impart a deeper knowledge and appreciation of how fine chocolate and craft beer are created and how, more importantly, they belong together… all you need is love… and to register quickly! We have only 20 seats available and they are sure to sell out!

*Includes a flight of 7 beers from 4 different small craft breweries and a pairing of 10 different chocolates & desserts

(*Due to the extensive planning involved in this event, we will not accept any late sign-ups. Registration for this event will end Sunday, January 27th and a minimum of 14 participants is required to conduct this class. If this class is cancelled due to not meeting the minimum registration and you have already signed up, you will receive notification by noon on Tuesday January 29th and a complete refund. Thank-you in advance for your understanding.)

Sign-up on-line or give us a call (303) 449-4804 to register.

You may also register at Avery Brewing Company’s tap room or call them at (303)440-4324.


Tickets are no longer available online. If the event has not occurred yet, please call our shop to see if there are available spaces or to join the waitlist. Check out our upcoming classes.