Pastry Chef Junior Camp

Pastry Chef Junior Camp


07/11/2016 - 07/15/2016    
8:00 am - 12:30 pm


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Piece Love & Chocolate
805 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, 80302

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Ages 8-12 only

Are pastry chefs born, or are they made? Perhaps, it is a little bit of both? Desire. Commitment. Execution. Start them young, we say! After many years of conducting adult only classes, we have been inspired by the many kids that have come through our door that have walked the talk of pastry, and have even shared some of their amazing creations with us.

Do you have a young aspiring pastry chef in your household that is serious about desserts? No, No!!! We mean serious! This is the kids only cooking camp for them! With a full instructional agenda of pastry/baking skills and confectionery techniques taught by the various PL&C chefs and their specialties, this is the closest thing your junior chef will get to culinary school this side of age 18. As with all of our baking/chocolate classes, we will focus on methodology using only a handful of basic, high quality ingredients. Each day of this 5-day intensive instructional camp will focus on a specific dessert finale with 4 hours of instruction and two 15 minute snack breaks. Every student will receive a comprehensive workbook that will include all the recipes covered, proper culinary terminology and definitions, and a brief history and fun fact sheet of each classic dessert.

This camp is designed for kids that have shown more than your average interest in baking and candy making. Please read this itinerary carefully – we have designed it specifically for those special kiddos that really show focus, a true interest in cooking and will be able to respect and adhere to our professional kitchen etiquette – there is really no other way to say it. Out of respect to the other amazing young people that will be in attendance, we reserve the right to ask any student to leave if they are disruptive and distracting to the class. The recipes and desserts created in this 5-day camp are in their most classic form with no recipe substitutions. Our apologies in advance, but we cannot make special accommodations for children with specific food allergies. Many of the recipes we will create include nuts, eggs, wheat and dairy.

heart macsDay #1. FRENCH MACARONS:  Monday, July 11th, 8am-12:30 with Chefs Genny & Susi – learn the skills necessary to create these ever popular crun-chewy cookies. Each Junior Pastry Chef will learn proper piping skills and macaronage. They will make one recipe of their own macarons and one recipe of filling. Then, the whole class gets tres crazy, as we mix and match macarons, garnishes and fillings. Each student will bring home 20-30 cookies to share with those they love.

TrufflesDay #2. TASTY TRUFFLES: Tuesday, July 12th, 8am-12:30 with Chefs Sarah & Mallory – considered an exotic specialty, chocolate truffles have a rich dessert history. Our Junior Pastry Chefs will learn how to make classic ganaches finished with elegant garnishes that are sure to thrill. Methodologies include classic ganache, fruit puree ganache, and inclusion ganache. From these 3 techniques, the class will create 8 different flavors and each Junior Pastry Chef will take home 20-30 truffles.

Gourmet strawberry marshmallows on white background.

Day #3. MARSHMALLOWS: Wednesday, July 13th, 8am-12:30 with Chefs Sarah & Mallory – there is nothing like a home made marshmallow! Our Junior Pastry Chefs will learn to create theses fabulously fluffy creations in several different flavors. In addition, they will create various treats made from their own marshmallows to take home and share.

Salted caramel truffle torte with layers of chocolate cake filled with salted caramel mousse, covered in chocolate.

Day #4. (Chocolate) CAKE DECORATING & FINISHING: Thursday, July 14th, 8am-12:30 with Chefs Genny & Bev – in this class, our Junior Pastry Chefs will learn classic, simple and not-so-simple techniques on how to finish, garnish, decorate and serve the perfect cake. We discuss the baking of cake in general, but the primary focus of this class is garnishing and finish work. Included in the class handout are many of our favorite cake, filling and frosting recipes. Each Junior Pastry Chef will start with their choice of white or dark chocolate cake layers and a variety of fillings and together we will build the foundation skills of torting, damming (Sorry, Mom! It is a thing, really!), crumb coating (have I lost you, yet?!?) – you get the idea! We start with the basic construction, and from there we move into exquisite finishes that will make your junior chef look and feel like a rock star when they take their 8″ masterpiece home.  Many of the skills they will learn in this class can be applied to many other baked goods and pastries. Cake… is only the beginning!

Day #5. BUILD A CHOCOLATE SCULPTURE: Friday, July 15th, 8am-12:30 with Chefs Sarah & Mallory – Working with chocolate is part science and part art. In this very hands-on chocolate class, Chefs Sarah & Mallory will teach our Junior Pastry Chefs the basics of how to temper and work with chocolate to create their very own amazing work of chocolate art. They will also learn how to create beautiful chocolate decorations for all of their future desserts – chocolate fans, curls, swirls, and flowers. Yes! They will play with their food!

WARNING: Your household will never be the same once your child becomes a PL&C Junior Pastry Chef. Maybe, you used to punish them if they did not do their homework by not allowing them to have dessert. Be careful! Now, they may get their revenge by denying you their beautiful and delicious creations.

*As an added bonus and thank-you, we would like to extend a 15% discount off all in-store purchases (including all tools and ingredients) the week of the camp. This does not apply to future orders, catering or wedding orders, or future classes. Our frequent buyer’s program does not apply to our classes or camps.

If you have any questions, please give us a call (303) 449-4804, but you must register for this camp online. If the camp is full, you may call us to be put on our waiting list

Due to the extensive planning and set-up of this camp, early registration is crucial. Late sign-up will not be allowed and registration will end for this class on Sunday, June 26th, and a minimum of 5 participants is needed to conduct this camp – please sign-up early to ensure you registration.

***Please read this carefully: This camp requires a minimum booking of 5 participants. In the event this camp is canceled because we do not meet the minimum registration requirement, you will be contacted no less than 10 days before the scheduled camp start and a full credit monetary refund, or store credit, or future classes of choice based on availability will be issued back to you. For participants – a minimum of one week is requested for cancellation for a full refund for store credit or a future class of choice based on availability will be issued back to you. If cancellation is made no less than two weeks before the start of camp, a full credit monetary refund or store credit will be issued to you. Any cancellation made with less than a one week notice before class start time will have no refund of any sort. Thank-you for your understanding.



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