Tasty Truffles & Ganache Techniques – 4 Methods

Tasty Truffles & Ganache Techniques - 4 Methods


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Piece Love & Chocolate
805 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, 80302

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Must be 12 yrs or older

“Why are they called truffles?”

Considered an exotic specialty, chocolate truffles have a rich dessert history. Learn how to use tempered chocolate and make classic ganaches with simple garnishes that are sure to thrill you… and those you might choose to share them with.

Four methodologies:

With endless possibilities – classic ganache, vegan ganache, fruit puree ganache, and liqueur infusions. From these 4 techniques, the class will create over 10 different flavors and take home, not only more than 3 dozen truffles each, but also the skills and know-how to recreate them!

As with many of our baking/chocolate classes, we focus on methodology using only a handful of basic, high quality ingredients. Learn simple techniques that will ensure your dessert success time and time again!


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