The Art and Zen of MOUSSE!!!

The Art and Zen of MOUSSE!!!


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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Piece, Love & Chocolate
805 Pearl St, Boulder, Colorado, 80302-5007

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Hosted by Chef Sarah

Must be 12 years or older

Soft, silky, chocolaty, velvety… decadent and delicious, chocolate mousse is our all-time go-to favorite dessert!

A great dessert finale should have a well composed variety of flavors and textures. Mousse is a fantastic stand alone dessert, but paired with a bit of cake, add a little fresh fruit and maybe a bright and fruity sauce and, voila! Your trifle is a symphony for your palate at the end of a meal!

In this class dedicated to the art of mousse making, we will teach you how to create our mousse base recipe. Then, you will learn how to incorporate and layer other flavors into your mousse including espresso, caramel, liqueurs, and fruits. We also discuss how mousse is not just a technique for the sweet kitchen, but can easily be incorporated into many savory dishes as well. From there, we will create 3 mousse-based desserts: Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Trifle, & Tiramisu.

As with many of our baking classes, we focus on methodology using only a handful of basic, high quality ingredients. Learn simple techniques that will ensure your dessert success time and time again.

This is a Sunday class – all downtown parking is free!

METHODOLOGY: mousse, anglaise, coulis, composition

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Sign-up on-line only.  If you have any questions, or would like to be placed on our waiting list, please give us a call (303) 449-4804

Due to the planning and set-up of this class, early registration is crucial. Late sign-up will not be allowed and registration will end for this class on Thursday, May 25th, and a minimum of 5 participants is needed to conduct this class – please sign-up early.

***This class requires a minimum booking of 5 participants. In the event this class is canceled because we do not meet the minimum registration requirement, you will be contacted no less than 24 hours before the scheduled class start and a full refund for store credit or a future class of choice based on availability will be issued back to you. For participants – a minimum of 48 hrs notice before class start time is requested for cancellation and a full refund for store credit or a future class of choice based on availability will be issued back to you. Any cancellation made with less than a 48 hr notice before class start time will have no refund of any sort. Thank-you for your understanding.


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