Tasty Truffles Part II: Advanced Truffles and Tempering

Tasty Truffles Part II: Advanced Truffles and Tempering


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Piece Love & Chocolate
805 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, 80302

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Must be 12 yrs or older. ‘Tasty Truffles and Ganache Techniques’ is a prerequisite.


So you’ve taken our tasty truffles class and have everything you need to create beautiful, professional-looking–and tasting!–truffles, except for one thing:

Somehow your chocolate always gets white streaks or becomes brittle or crumbly when you go to eat it.

If that’s the case, you have a tempering problem.

In our Tempering and Advanced Chocolate Techniques class, we will teach the art and science of tempering your own chocolate to make beautifully finished truffles, as well as holiday barks, chocolate-dipped goodies, and elegant garnishes to grace the top of your next pastry project!

With this next-level class, we are offering the opportunity to deepen your skills in a small-class setting with individual instruction. Tempering chocolate is an elevated pastry skill that will enrich your understanding of ingredient interactions and advanced baking recipes, while setting you apart as a baker and pastry chef!


Tickets are no longer available online. If the event has not occurred yet, please call our shop to see if there are available spaces or to join the waitlist. Check out our upcoming classes.