Cup-o-Love Cakes

PL&C is not a cup-cakery, however, we could not resist offering up our decadent cake in small, cup-sized portions.

The amazing thing that we are finding is that our chocolate cake guests come in two, very distinct groups: those that we call “cuppers” and those that we call “slicers”.

You know who you are! Do forgive me, my beloveds, but I am going to make a few assumptions here. I think our “slicers” are those that are visual people, you know, cake voyeurs of sorts. Slicers” like to see the layers of delicious yumminess, like a cut away chart that you can use your fork as the pointer to highlight all the different components, cake, mousse, icing, gelee, various garnish – it’s like you know that we love you, but you still want to see the proof in the layers!

Then there are our cherished “cuppers” – you are a trusting lot, indeed! All you need to see is a generous swirl of chocolate French buttercream atop a fluted paper cup of cake to know deep down in your heart that we love you. Do we really need our signature chocolate heart garnish on top? Yes we do! That is your assurance, you trusting “cuppers”, that we’ve put all our love inside in the form of velvety, ethereal chocolate mousse! Nothing says “We love you!” like a little squeeze of chocolate mousse inside! That is why we call our cupcakes, “Cup-o-Love Cakes!”

And, as a “Thank-you” to those of you that put up with my crazy ramblings, from Wed August 24th to Friday August 26th, if you come in and ask for a “Cup-o-Love Cake” (your choice of dark or white chocolate – regular or gluten-free) and give us a wink, we will give you a free Cup-o-Love Cake. Now, be prepared to tell us what the “Love” is inside (mousse… wink!)

Only one per customer, please – gotta share our love!