Life By Chocolate Cake

Many people have asked us why we call our classic chocolate cake “Life By” as opposed to the cliché “Death By” chocolate cake. Three layers of deeply decadent and moist chocolate cake suspended in ethereal chocolate layers of true, 100% traditional French buttercream, oooooh my!… Ooooops! I lost myself there! Well, quite frankly, we firmly believe, here at PL&C, that the morbidity of such a saying needs to be enlightened! “Death” and “chocolate” surely do not belong in the same sentence together! Ugh!

However, I did try a dessert once (okay, I’ll admit it, every time I see it on a menu!) called “Death by Chocolate”, but it only made/makes me stronger! Perhaps, you should have two slices of our Life by Chocolate Cake and call us in the morning? That’s 1-800 DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!!!

Ummmm…. (she writes sheepishly) Having said all of this, do forgive us when we cast all of this fanaticism aside come the month of October, Halloween, and our chocolate tribute to Dias de las Muertas…R.I.P…L.C. he, he, he… (can you even imagine the glimmer in my eye?!?)