Chocolate Boutique Product Spotlight

Too Haute Cowgirls, “Hellbent for Chocolate” – Boy, howdy!!! Whaoooooo! These girls fun, fun, fun! Deanna Liebl and Amy Tarrant are the crazy Western epicurean masterminds behind this buttery, toffee chocolate covered popcorn treat. Each recipe we carry has such a cute Western name that reflects its flavor profile “Fistful of Fleur de Sel”, “The Good, the Bad and the Peanut Butter”, “Chili Con Chocolate”, and “End of the Trail Mix”.

It’s soooo gosh darn good you won’t be able to control y’rself. Be assured, fellow chocolate lover, once you rip into these charming bags – a two-fisted chocolate p-corn eatin’ frenzy is sure to happen. G’wan now, c’mon in and git y’rself sum! A beautiful chocolate Colorado product we are proud to represent. Yeeeeeha!