Chocolate Desserts & Beer Pairing Classes – Want to learn more?

People are always asking about our unique craft beer and chocolate desserts pairing classes. We thought we’d take this opportunity to share a little of what they are about considering this is the wonderful week of The Great American Beer Festival. 

Beer and chocolate…

Two of the most loved culinary indulgences for centuries. Why do we love them so? Do they go together? You bet! Rich, full flavored beers can balance the sweetness of many desserts and rich, roasted stouts, in particular, make wonderful companions to the roasted notes in chocolate.

Beer and Chocolates9 out of 10 people claim to enjoy chocolate and more than sixty percent of Americans name chocolate as their favorite dessert flavor. Americans drink more than 50 billion pints of beer each year; a growing part of that consumption includes the finest craft artisanal brews. With a full range of complementary aromas and flavors, “the elegant social elixir known as beer” marries exceptionally well with chocolate the ”food of the gods”! Many feel that the combination of the malt and carbonation in beer and the creaminess and bitterness of chocolate create a lovely textural experience within the mouth; expanding the flavors of each on the palate. So, next time you reach for a frosty glass of milk to go with that chocolate cake, why not make it a glass of milk… stout?

Beer Ambassador Jeff Mendel
Chef Sarah Amorese

Sarah Amorese, chocolatier and owner of Piece, Love & Chocolate and designer of taste experiences through chocolate, along with Jeff Mendel, “Beer Ambassador”of Left Hand Brewing Company and founder of Sapere Aude   have created this unique class just for you chocolate and beer lovers! Using two of your most favorite indulgences, we plan to enrapture your senses as we take you on this most unique of culinary journeys. Truly a fun and pleasurable exploration touching on the history of beer and chocolate as we focus on the physiology of taste and acknowledge the passionate artisans throughout time that have endeavored to share it with us.

Upon your arrival, you will enjoy light and savory chocolate appetizers AppetizersAppetizerspaired with a delicious local hefeweizen or IPA. As you take your seats, you will enjoy the ultimate chocolate and beer pairing appe”teaser”- a chocolate dessert with beer as the main ingredient served with that same beer. As the evening ensues, you will try tasting portions of 6-7 additional brews with corresponding plated chocolate micro desserts. This is far more in-depth than just beer and bar chocolates or truffles. This designer class is a multi-dimensional sensory taste experience like no other.

Yes, dear guests! This is exactly what this sensory synergistic class is all about! Not only will you thoroughly enjoy yourself, you will also gain the knowledge of how to create your very own chocolate and beer pairings to impress your friends with loads of advice from Jeff and Sarah including a comprehensive handout. With a focus on “love the local”, every class is unique to the time of year and the seasonal nature of the ingredients and brews that are available. All the microbrewed beers that are showcased in our class are locally produced right here in Colorado. This is a metaphysical adventure of beloved local Colorado craft beer and Piece, Love & Chocolate together.


The class is 2 hours long, $65 ea, with a minimum of 10 people, maximum of 45.

Space is limited to the size of the venue.

This class is also available as a private event! Contact us for off-site booking details. Please check out our upcoming class schedule for dates and venues.