Craft Beer & Chocolate Desserts Pairing

Craft Beer & Chocolate Desserts Pairing


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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West Flanders Brewing Company
1125 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado, 80302

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Thursday, November 13th, 7-9pm

Hosted by: West Flanders Brewing Company

Presented by: Jeff Mendel, Partner, Director and “Beer Ambassador” for Left Hand Brewing Company and co-founder of Sapere Aude, Sarah Amorese, Chocolatier and Chef Owner of Piece, Love & Chocolate, with insightful anecdotes from Brian Lutz, Co-Owner and Brewmaster of West Flanders Brewing Company

Class includes:

  • a flight of 8 Colorado craft beers
  • a pairing of more than 10 different PL&C chocolates & chocolate micro-desserts (menu below)
  • our take away educational beer and chocolate pairing guide
  • select craft brewery tasting coupons
  • a custom selection of PL&C signature beer truffles
  • a 20% discount off your entire meal at West Flanders Brewing Co. before or after the class – good only Thursday, November 13th

$45 per person (must be at least 21 years old)


Here is a peek at the proposed menu:

Starter (not pictured) Colo Craft Beer Choice: Angry Monk Belgian Ale (West Flanders Brewing Co – Boulder. CO); PL&C Chocolappetizer: Chocolate Banana Cream Tartlette

#1. ColoCraft Beer Choice: White Rascal Witbier (Avery Brewing Co – Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Flan w/ Coriander Caramel Sauce

#2. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Upslope Pumpkin Ale (Upslope Brewing Co – Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: Salted Caramel Pumpkin Piette

#3. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Milk Stout Sweet Stout (Left Hand Brewery – Longmont, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: Chocolate Milk Stout Profiterole

#4. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Black Immaculate Black IPA (West Flanders Brewing Co – Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: White Chocolate Mousse w/ Caviar

#5. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Shake Chocolate Porter (Boulder Beer Co – Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: Boulder Beer Chocolate Milk Shake Truffle

#6. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Recreational Smoke Smoked Porter (West Flanders Brewing Co – Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: Deconstructed Salted Liquid Caramel Heartlette

#7. ColoCraft Beer Choice: Hog Heaven  Barleywine (Avery Brewing Co, Boulder, CO); PL&C Micro Dessert Pairing: Chocolate Pecan Tart w/ Browned Butter Espresso Sauce

Beer and chocolate… two of the most loved culinary indulgences for centuries. Why do we love them so? Do they go together? You bet! Rich, full flavored beers can balance the sweetness of many desserts and rich, roasty stouts, in particular, make wonderful companions to the roasted notes in chocolate.

If you have never tried this decadent fellowship of beer and chocolate, you are missing something very special, indeed! For those lucky few that have already experienced this uncommon marriage of food and drink, you will instantly light up and say, “What have I been missing all this time?!”

Beer loves chocolate and its love is reciprocated! Historic cousins, beer and chocolate truly belong together. With a full range of complementary aromas and flavors, “the elegant social elixir known as beer” marries exceptionally well with chocolate! Many feel that the combination of malt and carbonation in beer and the creaminess of chocolate create a lovely textural experience within the mouth; expanding the flavor of chocolate on the palate.

Whether beer is served with a chocolate dessert or the chocolate is brewed right into the beer, the two work incredibly well together. Both share an affinity for a wide variety of foods such as fruit, nuts, salt, and – have you heard – ? Yes, even bacon!

With a focus on the beloved and small batch artisan craft production of both chocolate and beer, this is an elegant culinary exploration of the physiology of taste itself and the taste pairing of beer and chocolate together. It will excite and educate your palate unlike any other food pairing, and likely turn everything you thought you knew about taste and flavor upside down.

So, next time you reach for a frosty glass of milk to go with that chocolate cake, why not make it a glass of milk… stout?

West Flanders Brewing Company, Jeff Mendel and Piece, Love & Chocolate have created this class like no other just for you chocolate and beer lovers! Using two of your most favorite indulgences, we plan to enrapture your senses as we take you on this most unique of culinary journeys –  a fun and pleasurable exploration touching on the history of beer and chocolate as we focus on the physiology of taste and acknowledge the passionate artisans throughout time that have endeavored to share it with us.

We are very proud to offer this wildly entertaining and educational class on site up on the mezzanine overlooking beautiful Pearl Street at West Flanders Brewing Company. This interactive class is sure to impart a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the physiology of taste and flavor using fine chocolates and Colorado craft beers. All you need is a little curiosity, love of fine food and drink… and to register quickly! We have only 45 seats available and they are sure to sell out quickly.

Due to the extensive planning involved in this event, we cannot accept any late sign-ups. Registration for this event will end Monday, November 10th at 12 noon.

 Sign-up and registration on-line only here at the Piece, Love & Chocolate website. You will not be able to register or purchase tickets at the brewery. If you have any questions, or would like to be placed on our waiting list, please give us a call (303) 449-4804 

***Cancellation policy – No refunds will be issued for this class. 




Tickets are no longer available online. If the event has not occurred yet, please call our shop to see if there are available spaces or to join the waitlist. Check out our upcoming classes.