Colorado Spirits Truffle Collection

The holiday season is here, which means gifts galore, which means chocolate and booze, which means we’ve combined both in a most decadent and swoon-worthy way, which means partnering with 15 Colorado craft spirit makers, which means shopping locally this holiday automatically grants you a get-into-heaven-free pass.

You’ll have to excuse us. We’ve had one too many boozy truffles. Let’s see if we can be more clear, here.

In 2014, we set out to partner with 15 Colorado brewers, wine makers and distillers to celebrate Colorado’s unprecedented movement of artisanal spirit production. The results? Fifteen decadent PL&C truffles that use these craft spirits as their main ingredient.

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Each of these 15 truffles is featured in our exclusive Colorado Spirits Collection, which is hitting our shelves just in time for the holiday season. From mead to whiskey, milk stout and (far!) beyond, here’s the full lineup of truffles:

Copy of Copy of 20141119original-2C6B7626Left Hand Milk Stout: A dark milk creamy ganache infused with Left Hand Brewery‘s best-selling Milk Stout.

What We Love Decadent Saint Wine: A bittersweet chocolate ganache made with fresh cream and What We Love Winery‘s unique wine infused with cocoa, black currants, coffee and warm spices.

Spirit Hound Distillers Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Creme Brulee: A roasted white chocolate butter ganache infused with decaf espresso and Spirit Hound‘s wickedly good Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Liqueur.

Leopold Brothers Cherry Liqueur Cordial: A whole pitted cherry is soaked for an entire week in Leopold Brother‘s Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur, dipped by the stem in dark chocolate, then nested in a bed of dark chocolate caviar.

Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur Pearl: Fresh cream is steeped with black tea before we fold in generous amounts of Dancing Pines‘ award-winning chai liqueur, creating a delicate liquid ganache, which is surrounded by a dark chocolate shell.

Stranahan’s Whiskey: Equal parts milk and dark chocolate are blended with fresh cream and infused with Stranahan‘s famous small-batch whiskey.

West Flanders Black Immaculate IPA Caramel: A chewy butter caramel made with a strong and sticky reduction of West Flanders‘ intensely hoppy black IPA.

Boulder Creek Winery Zinfandel Port & Fig: A sweet Calimyrna fig pate is layered with a dark chocolate ganache infused with Boulder Creek Winery‘s award-winning zinfandel port.

Avery Out of Bounds Stout: Dark milk chocolate ganache is infused with copious amounts of Avery Brewing‘s Out of Bounds Stout.Copy of Copy of 20141119original-2C6B7719

Mile High Spirits Fireside Whiskey Caramel: A rich liquid caramel infused with the Mile High Spirits‘ throat-warming Fireside Whiskey, enrobed in milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Suerte Tequila Margarita: A white chocolate and cocoa butter ganache is cut with fresh lime juice, lime zest, triple sec y mucho Suerte‘s Tequila Blanca before being dipped in chocolate and garnished with a touch of Portuguese sea salt.

Roundhouse Pumpkin King Cordial: Roasted white chocolate butter ganache is folded with pureed roasted pumpkin, a touch of nutmeg and Roundhouse Spirits‘ Pumpkin King Cordial (made using Baby Bear pumpkins from Boulder’s own Munson Farms) before enrobing in dark chocolate.

Boulder Beer Shake Chocolate Porter: Boulder Beer Company‘s famous “milkshake” (a dark porter poured over vanilla ice cream) serves as the inspiration for this decadent truffle. A creamy liquid vanilla center is infused with Shake Chocolate Porter and surrounded by dark chocolate.

Settembre Cellars Blackberry Cabernet: A fruity blackberry pate is layered with bittersweet chocolate ganache infused with Settembre Cellars‘ 2009 Cabernet and a touch of heady cardamom.

Hunters Moon Meadery Prospector Peach: A honey pate is layered with a peachy white chocolate ganache scented with Ceylon cinnamon and folded with Hunters Moon Meadery‘s Prospector Peach mead, made with Palisade peaches.

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