Exotic Bar Armoire Spotlight of the Week: Ritual Chocolate

Now gracing our Armoire is a small unassuming bar with a huge amount passion and promise! This unique bar has high floral and berry tasting notes with hints of earthy mushrooms.

If ever there was a Bean-to-Bar-to-Love story, this is it! Anna and Robbie first met in 2008 and fell madly in love – it seems the tie that first bound them was their shared love of chocolate. Throw in a little mentoring from the legendary Colorado chocolate maker, Steven DeVries, and that tie has now blossomed into a small business! Ritual Chocolate is now creating a wonderful chocolate that is surely a work of love and a devotion to craft.

Robbie and Anna are very hands on ensuring the production every step of the way starting with the Costa Rican farms in which they source and ferment their prized beans to all the critical steps along the way that make for an exquisite and unique chocolate. Robbie tells us that his chocolate contains nothing but cacao and cane sugar, but I would certainly add to that list the most vital ingredient of all… love!

Please visit their web-site to learn more about this romantic dynamic chocolate duo and their chocolate passion:

We are so very proud, indeed, to present this amazing chocolate and support this wonderful local company! Ritual Chocolate is made right here in Boulder… it doesn’t get any more local than that!