From Tea, to Science…and now Chocolate – what a perfect Trifecta!

Giftress Heidi’s Blog:

To my dear community of friends and future friends in chocolate~

I learned about the world of horses from my grandfather’s Lorelei Stables in New York.  We’d go out to the track and I’d be allowed to pick some winners that my grandfather would bet on for me.  I wasn’t interested in reading all the stats…I just got as close to the fence as possible so I could look and hear each horse that went by.  My winner choices were based on how beautiful the horse looked with clear focused eyes and how anxious they were to go flying on the track, breathing heavily through their nose.  I was usually right in my choices, which pleased my grandfather immensely.

I am now leaning close to the fence to watch beautiful & extremely talented Sarah bring her dream to life as she’s biting at the bit to go flying into the world of chocolate on Pearl Street.  I’ve been graciously invited into this winner’s circle to join her in creating a unique everything chocolate, everything love and everything peace boutique.  From my previous experience of finding just the right products that related to “Tea” and “Science”, I now get to immerse myself into chocolate/love/peace….how perfect is that!?!  My biggest revelation of this week was watching the multi-tasking queen run circles around everyone else…humbly putting me in a place of awe (after all, I felt I was the best at multi-tasking).  Our team is completed with the most remarkable chef Genny (who probably thinks SHE is  the best at multi-tasking) … and they’re off …another perfect Trifecta!

I can’t wait to see the faces on the first customers when they sample a delicious cup of clean chocolate tea (just enough cocoa essence…easy to sweeten or not), or wrap a peace sign scarf around their neck as they read a book about the world of chocolate.  Gazing around the shop they’ll find the right chocolate motif look on a collapsible picnic baskets/shopping basket or tote bag, that can be filled with delectable chocolate blueberry jam, chocolate olive oil and assorted nuts powdered with cocoa dust.

I’m always on the look out for those unique products that are themed to Piece, Love, or Chocolate.  I find that some of the best items have always been suggested by customers.  So, I’m listening and welcome any information of the wonderful things you’ve seen in your travels.

Now…I’m off to the Denver Gift Show to find more wonderful products to add to the waiting shelves in the shop.

~Your Giftress Heidi