Gift Guru Gone Global

Oh where, oh where has Dearest Heidi gone? Heidi, in her sworn duty to all of our PL&C patrons is off to New York City attending the NYIGF! (New York International Gift Fair) Her mission is to source out unique and irresistible chocolate gifts and goodies for you. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it! Our “Agent Guru” is supposed to be sending me updates so that I can relate them back to you all, but, she is strangely silent. I jealously suspect she is curled up in a remote bistro chair in La Maison du Chocolate, Jacques Torres’s, or Max Brenner’s gorging herself on wonderful chocolates, and immersed in a chocolate coma… did I just project my own wants and needs on the innocent (blush!)? Hurry back, Beloved Giftress Heidi!!! We love and miss you! Will you bring us presents?!?