Dairy Free Coconut Caramel

Our signature chewy caramel blended with the exotic taste of shaved coconut. Enclosed in rich dark chocolate. Both dairy and gluten free.

Caramel Pecan Turtle

The childhood favorite Turtle is now in truffle form! A beautiful vibrant green molded chocolate turtle is filled with liquid caramel and candied pecans. The nostalgia is free.  

Fireside Whiskey Caramel

A dark chocolate shell is filled with a liquid butter caramel infused with copious amounts of Mile-High Spirits Fireside Whiskey – bodaciously boozy and throat warming, garnished with the Fireside Whiskey logo

Butter Caramel

Meticulously caramelized cane sugar is quenched with fresh cream and butter to create  our signature soft and chewy caramel enrobed in dark chocolate – and garnished with or without Portuguese sea salt

Passion Fruit Caramel

Meticulously caramelized cane sugar is quenched with fresh cream, tart passion fruit puree and butter to create our soft and chewy fruit caramel enrobed in dark chocolate  

Milk Salted Liquid Caramel

  Our milk chocolate liquid caramel hand rolled in milk chocolate and garnished with Maldon sea salt  

Dark Salted Liquid Caramel

Our most popular truffle…EVER! A dark bittersweet shell encapsulates a velvety smooth, rich and oh! so! liquid-y butter caramel; garnished with creamy Maldon sea salt.

White Salted Liquid Caramel

Our white chocolate liquid caramel hand rolled in white chocolate and garnished with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt