Is YOUR pie the best? Prove it!

On Monday, September 5, our very own Cocoa Coordinator Genny McGregor, Cocoa Muse Bev Chase and Cocoa Kitty, Katie Veronin will be heading up the professional judges table once again in the Louisville Fall Festival’s Homemade Pie Contest!

The Grand Prize is Dinner for 4 at the Huckleberry, a Photo at The Huckleberry’s Pie Hall of Fame, and a Champion Pie Plate.  First Prize will be awarded in each category (Apple, Fruit and Nut, Cream), and winners recieve Tea for Two at the Huckleberry and a Fall Festival Pie Contest Apron.

You may enter as many pies as you like, but you MUST fill out one Registration Form (PDF) for each pie you are submitting. The Contest is limited to 60 entries. Turn in your registration form to the contest sponsor – The Huckleberry – no later than noon, Sept. 4. Pre-registrants will receive a coupon for a FREE CHAI when they drop off their completed form to The Huckleberry.

We’ll see you pie-maniacs there!!