Louisville’s Annual Pie Baking Contest!

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By Chef Genny Fetherston 

Labor Day. A day we celebrate the hard-working Americans whose strength, dedication, and rigor help to make this country so great. And if I were to labor on that day, it would be over the stove making the world’s best pie. That is why I (used to—now I’m disqualified) would enter the Louisville Pie Contest!

Every year, Louisville’s The Huckleberry Restaurant hosts a pie-baking contest in conjunction with Louisville’s Fall Festival. Founded and amazingly organized by local John Augustine, it’s a time to honor the long tradition of flaky, moist, buttery, juicy, creamy, rich and Mom-inspired pies of many varieties. John has been coordinating this event each year out of the kindness of his heart and our shared fondness for pie.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 17.52.58It’s no secret that at PL&C, we love pie. Personally, I really love pie. To me, it means Mom, friends and gatherings, holidays and picnics. It’s a dessert that intrigues the palette and ignites the sweet memories of all the above. So, when John recruited me to bring a professional (and passionate) critique to the judges table, I not only brought along my talented, skilled, and beautiful co-workers, but also the woman who taught me everything I know—my own mother, Suzanne. This year, we will also be joined by Dana Derichsweiler, owner of the Pie-centric Walnut Cafe in Boulder, Dana’s partner, Xanthe, and Foodie-about-town, John Lehndorff. (As skilled as we all are, none of us know more than Suzanne…) It’s an hour of eating pie and being judgmental—my dream come true!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 17.40.32Pies are judged on overall appearance, filling and crust taste, consistency, and texture. All levels are encouraged to participate. (We are very kind in our judging. Honest, but kind.) Participants are encouraged to pre-register by dropping off their registration forms at the Huckleberry ASAP. Bakers, start your ovens, and may the best pie win!