#LoveTheLocalChocolate: A Boulder Love Letter

If there’s one thing Boulder’s known for, it’s keepin’ it local. We love our start-ups. Our entrepreneurs. Our beer. Our farms. Our boutiques. Our restaurants. Our coffee. Our, ahem, medicinal products. 

And, of course, our chocolate.

The PL&C team is on a mission to boost Boulder’s love for local into the stratosphere. In the world of corporate machines and pre-made this ’n that, we’re out to prove that handmade and heartfelt is—and always will be—what keeps Boulder’s love for local alive.

With that, we’re launching a movement with a hashtag: #LoveTheLocalChocolate

What’s it mean? It means Boulder loves its local businesses, and it especially loves its local chocolate.

Five years ago, we founded our little West End shop on the principle that everything we sell must be made of chocolate, and we’ve kept our promise ever since! From day one, we’ve been honing our chocolate recipes (which, if we’re counting, was approximately 1,825 days ago) to bring our guests the richest, most delicious handmade items they may have ever tasted.

So many of our items are made in-house, right here in our tiny shop, fresh from our (even tinier!) kitchen. People are always asking us, “Is that made here?” Of course it’s made here! Walk back to our kitchen window, say hello to the kitchen goddesses, and watch as the magic unfolds from bowls, piping bags, cake trays, convection ovens, chocolate molds, and beyond. It’s truly a sight to behold!

No where else on Earth will you find a herd of fresh handmade Truffaloes, delightfully crispy and creamy Amoreos, light and pillowy Marshookies, gooey Cookie Tortes, flaky Chocroissants, nutty Marzirams, a decadent Left Hand Milk Stout Cake, or a boozy Suerte Margarita Truffle so rico, it‘ll convince you that margaritas are best enjoyed at a small chocolate shop in a landlocked state, 5,430 feet above sea level.

In our kitchen, we make over 60 different truffles, 43 different cakes, 25 different chocolate drinks, 12 different chocolate bars, and 10 different sauces! And that’s just the tip of the (chocolate-dipped) iceberg: we’re constantly experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients, and new ideas to bring you the tastiest, most creative, most love-filled chocolate experience Boulder has to offer.

Let’s talk about this love thing a little more. At PL&C, we put our hearts and souls into everything we make. “Love” is the biggest part of our logo—a genuine and intentional gesture. From the very beginning, we’ve poured our passion for chocolate into every cake, cookie, truffle, brownie, sipping chocolate, torte, pie, mocha, croissant, and otherwise that’s ever crossed from our counter into your hands.

And the love doesn’t stop there. Our love is so contagious that our love-struck chocoholics have started leaving love notes tucked into our brick walls. Some letters are anonymous, some are ongoing conversations, some are proclamations of love to partners or children. Love is alive and well in our walls, and we’re honored to be surrounded by it.

We love our Boulder community so deeply, so purely, that we’ve pledged to keep our love for you local. Our shop offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience in a one-of-a-kind location; we’re not big enough for satellite shops in New York, Vegas, London, Paris, or beyond (heck, even Denver seems a world away). So Boulder, we’re here to stay!

And with our pledge to the Boulder community comes our pledge to keep our business as local as possible. In our kitchen, we use as many locally produced, locally grown, locally brewed, locally distilled ingredients as possible. Hey, we’d grow the chocolate here if we could!

But all of this boils down to one thing: Boulder’s love of local. We love you, Boulder, and your infinite support and strength you’ve given us over the past five years only makes our hearts beat even more fondly for you. Love us back? Tell us, and be sure to use our movement’s hashtag! #LoveTheLocalChocolate