Science, Craft Beer & Chocolate Desserts

Beer and Chocolates

A scientist, a brewer and a chocolatier walk into a museum.

Nope, it’s not the beginning of a joke – it’s what’s going to happen from 7pm – 9pm the night of December 10 in Denver. Science, Craft Beer & Chocolate Desserts, a dynamic seminar hosted at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, will bring chocoholics, brew-thusiasts and science geeks together to taste some of Colorado’s best brews and finest chocolates.

Jeff Mendel
Jeff Mendel

Led by PL&C’s Sarah Amorese, Left Hand Brewing‘s Jeff Mendel and Dr. Nicole Garneau, Director of DMNS’s Genetics Taste Lab, this decadent sensory experience will explore the complex profiles of chocolate and beer pairings, along with the whats/whens/wheres/whys of our taste sensations.

Dr. Garneau explains, “We work with a range of high-quality beers with flavor profiles that range from traditional to surprising to we demonstrate why you don’t always have to pair chocolate or dessert with a stout or a porter. What makes it fascinating is discovering the science behind why you as an individual might like or dislike a certain combination.”

Drinking beer, eating chocolate and learning something new? Um, yes please. 

Spaces are limited for this deliciously unprecedented event and they fill up quickly. Reserve your seat(s) by signing up through PL&C’s event page.

Can’t make it in December? Not to worry. Sarah and Jeff are bringing their expertise back to Boulder on January 30 at West Flanders Brewing Company on Pearl Street. There, they’ll be teaming up with Brian Lutz, West Flanders’s co-owner and brewmaster, for an evening of beer, chocolate and a little too much fun. Tickets for the West Flanders event can be reserved here.