Teacher is Student is Teacher

My Lovelies…

From the beginning (pg 86 in the waaaaay too long PL&C business plan), we had planned on having classes. And, if you’d asked me last year this time the “why?” behind this offering, I would have told you, “great service offering, additional source of revenue, create brand loyalty… blah, blah, blah!” Oh! How I could have gone on and on with my validations!

We wanted to start our classes last fall, but we just could not do it. It seems we always have so many ideas and never enough time to implement them all – so annoying! BTW, thanks to all of you for your interest and patience with this endevor.

So, without further adieu, I am, indeed, very happy to announce that PL&C’s Chocolate Lab is up and running almost every Wednesday evening!!!

We have already given many classes and I must tell you, the thrill and pleasure is all ours! My beloved team is eager to share our combined knowledge to help you succeed in all of your dessert endeavors. As to the above mentioned “why”…? C’mon, we’d be the first to admit that we are having entirely too much fun with this and we never imagined how magically satisfying it is to have you shoulder to shoulder with us back in our way too small kitchen giggling and working with chocolate! Our classes are opportunities to share with one another our secrets…

Each one of us brings unique knowledge and skills to our classes and although we focus on methodology, our primary goal is to ensure a whole lot of chocolate fun!

I would like to clarify one thing; we are NOT chocolate makers nor do we teach classes on how to make chocolate. Steven Devries, revered pioneer bean-to-bar chocolate maker, once told me that I am a “melter” and not a maker – that is true! Our classes are primarily about working with chocolate. We have instructional hands-on cooking classes on tempering, decorating and baking with chocolate. Our appreciation classes are all about exploration and learning more about chocolate and sumptuously indulging in it.

A little about our instructors:

Chef Sarah Amorese: I am the owner and chocolatier of this delightful chocolate adventure. My passion for all-things chocolate has taken me around the world and has introduced me to some truly amazing people that have taught me many things! I simply adore being able to share my love of chocolate and how to work with it with all of you! Truly, my inquisitive nature is the motivational force behind my life long love affair with chocolate. My background is a culmination of graphic artist, mom, pastry chef and chocolatier.  I live life as a continual adventure and investigation into what chocolate is, how it is produced and incorporated into lives – I believe all of our lives are better off because we have been touched by this ethereal substance known as “the food of the Gods!” . Chef Genny lovingly refers to me as the chocolate “nerd”. I am, indeed, honored!

“Cocoa Coordinator” Chef Genny Fetherston: It comes as no surprise to all of us who know, love and have the pleasure to work with Chef Genny, our PL&C Kitchen Manager, that she is a fabulous and talented teacher! With endearing anecdotes of life in the kitchen with her mother, a.k.a. “The School of Mom”, as a student you feel as if she has taken you under her oven mit clad wing. I can say from personal experience, Genny has taught me so very much! She is a pure professional and her streamlined methods are tried and true. She will make your heart smile as she cultivates that Pate a Choux Goddess within each and every one of you!

“Cocoa Muse”: Chef Beverly Chase, VOR (“Voice of Reason”): Chef Bev is our head baker and in charge of most of our recipe research and development. We affectionately call her the “scientist”, because of her unceasing drive to find great formulas. Through constant trail and error, Chef Bev determines why formulas work and what causes some to fail. We all respect that the baking and pastry arts are ruled by chemistry and Chef Bev exemplifies that. If you have ever had the pleasure of eating our PL&C Signature “Raspbeverly” or our new exalted “Salty & Sweet Sensational Brownies”, then you would know that your tongue has been touched by an angel… and that angel is our cherished “Muse”, Chef Bev! Believe me when I tell you, Alton Brown has nothing over this tenacious lady!

“Cocoa Confectionista”: Chef Michelle Crouse: is our primary cake decorator and garnish-er. Those beautiful “Michelle” borders that frame some of our cakes are the product of her true piping genius! There are times I am sure that cocoa gelee flows in her veins! Since Chef Michelle has joined our team, our signature “Life-by Chocolate” cake has acquired a stunning crown of red roses. Honestly, I couldn’t even fathom how naked it would look without those delicate chocolate buttercream flowers! She also heads up our chocolate laminate dough division and is responsible for our Chocolate Chocolate Croissants and Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls. We call her the “artist” because of her attention to detail.

At the moment, we offer two different types of classes: hands-on chocolate cooking classes (a.k.a. Chocolate Lab 101), and our chocolate presentation and appreciation classes (a.k.a. Chocolate Lab for Lovers… of Fine Chocolate, Craft Beer, Wine…etc.). We do not offer any classes to children and you must be 16 years or older to attend our cooking classes, 21 and older to participate in a beer or wine and chocolate pairing class.

Full payment is required at registration. Notice of cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance of reserved class and refunds will be made in store credit only.
If the class you are interested in is full, you may call (303) 449-4804 to sign up on our waiting list for that class. We will notify you as soon as possible or by 2:00 the day of that class if a space becomes available. Many of our classes book-up quickly, so we highly recommend you make your reservations early.

We also offer a 15% discount on anything you would like to purchase the evening of your class – and, no – that does not include the price of the class itself.

Take a look at the upper right hand side of our web-site labeled “Classes” where you will find a pull down menu with more details and information on the classes we are offering in the month and how to sign up. In addition, there area couple of short videos to give you the flavor of what our classes are about. And, of course, you can go to our Facebook page and look at some of our class photo albums to see some of our past classes.

Perhaps, you would like to book one of our classes for a group or special gathering? Special birthday? Bachelorette party? Corporate team building? We can accommodate private parties of no less than 8 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings only. Give us a call – 303.449.4804 – to make these very special arrangements.

Thank-you for your interest and devotion. We can’t wait to see you in our Chocolate Lab!

Ciao! Sarah