PL&C Wins Best Chocolatier in Best of Boulder 2014!


From the 2014 Best of Boulder Magazine:

Historians believe that chocolate has been prepared as a drink since man discovered the cocoa bean. A container found at an archaeological site on the Gulf Coast of Veracruz, Mexico, dates chocolatey beverage preparation back 3,750 years.

Humankind has a pretty profound love affair with chocolate. Sarah Amorese, founder and owner of Piece, Love & Chocolate, makes it her personal mission to “enchant and entertain” patrons with display cases ofilled with chocolate pastries, cakes, tores, truffles and confections to spoil even the most refined palate.

PL&C even offers chococentric gifts – books, clothing, cocoa butter-based beauty products and more. Enjoy chocolate cakes and tortes in a spectrum of traditional and surprising flavors, from Peaches ‘n Cream to Left Hand Milk Stout. Cheesecake, whoopee pies, cannoli, cookies, chocroissants, brownies…it’s the stuff of your chocolatiest dreams.

Come on in and try some of Boulder’s best chocolate!

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