Truffle and Bon-bon Spotlight – Porcini Cream Truffles

Okay, I know many of you think that I am a little crazy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little… ummm…, unconventional, perhaps, but trust me! You are going to love this one!

Many of you may not realize that I am a card-toting member of the Colorado Mycological Society – I love mushrooms! Did you know that we live in a state with an abundance of fungal and mycological wonders?!? One of which is a culinary prize known as – Boletus edulis, a basidiomycete fungus a.k.a. the coveted Porcini mushroom.

Porcini is the Italian name for it, but you may be more familiar with Cep (French) or Steinpilz (German). This wonder of nature elusively grows (if the conditions are just right) at 10,000 feet. A culinary prize such as this has yet to succumb to human cultivation and can only be found in the wild. And, just for the record, I AM NOT promoting that anyone should go out, collect wild mushrooms and eat them – especially if you are not educated or experienced in this realm!

In honor of this magnificent mushroom, Boletus edulis, and its season, I have created a Porcini Cream chocolate truffle. They will only be available through mid-September. Mushrooms and chocolate together??? – you bet!

If you want to know more about our local mycological chapter, please visit . Please consider this your formal invitation to join us Sunday, August 28th, at The Denver Botanical Gardens for the annual Mushroom Fair – fun-filled day of mycological education and wonder!