Crazy for Salt, Caramel and Chocolate?

PL&C Salted Liquid Caramels Truffles… unlike traditional firm caramels, our Salted Liquid Caramels (nicknamed “Bliss” by our Gift Guru, Heidi) are sure to take your palate on a luscious taste tour. Our 64% dark shell, adorned with the beautiful, crunchy, pyramidal crystals of Maldon sea salt will explode in your mouth, enrapturing your tongue in salted, buttery caramel…well, “bliss”.

But we don’t stop there – ever eager to satisfy your chocolate, salt and caramel cravings, our Cocoa Coordinator Genny has created two other PL&C Signature pieces for your chocolate delight:

  Salted Caramel Cookie Tortes: our salted caramel mousse sandwiched between two chocolate enrobed Maldon salt crusted chocolate butter cookies…. mmmmmm… can you even imagine!?!

  Salted Caramel Truffle Torte: our salted caramel mousse piped between two layers of decadent dark chocolate cake, finished with dark chocolate French buttercream icing, enrobed in sexy gown of cocoa gelee, wearing a ring of dark chocolate pearls and a crown of ten miniature Salted Liquid Caramels…

Stop by PL&C and try one of these salty, caramel, chocolate goodies before they’re all gone!