Participating in the B.C.A.P. Local Legends Gala

A great honor, indeed! I don’t know how to begin to express the deepest gratitude and honor that Chef Genny and I both feel having participated in the Boulder County Aids Project annual fund raising event, Local Legends Gala, last Sunday.

What an event! What a success! To be surrounded with such loving, caring and compassionate people supporting such a wonderful cause – we were emotionally touched and so proud to be a part of that – proud of Boulder! What a fantastic community we live in!

And, what prestigious culinary company we were amongst – Chef Jamie Martinez (Ahi) Chef Tavio Laudisio (Laudisio Italian Restaurant), Chef Anna Zoe (“Ma” of Zoe Ma Ma), Chef Tony Hessel (The Mediterranean), Chef Tsehay Hailu (Ras Kassa’s), Chef Laurent Mechlin and Chef Daniel Cofrades of Jill’s among others!

We all got to serve and speak with the guests as they mingled about before the presentation. Unbelievably, we were stationed right next to the bar and ours was the first table many of the guests stopped at! Location! Location! Location! You might not think that dessert would be the first stop for these guests on their culinary connection with this event, but you would be wrong. Many dove right into the chocolate we provided without a thought of savory first – and we, of course, loved that! What fun!

We served up several of our signature recipes including our Basil Cut Ganache and our Gluten-free Chocolate Linzertorte. However, as Chris Parente announced from the stage, “I have fallen in love here tonight – with this cake!” he pulled out our plated Salted Caramel Truffle Torte sauced with caramel sauce and cocoa gelee hearts! Genny and I gushed with pride and tears of joy! Thank-you Chris! Thank-you BCAP! And thank-you St Julien Hotel and Spa! It was a sweet evening, no doubt!

BTW, Dearest Ramon (event planner with BCAP), we were so honored you asked us to participate – you had us at, “Hello!”