Boulder County Aids Project Annual Fundraiser

Join us, the evening of September 25th at 5:30pm at The St. Julien Hotel and Spa, for the Boulder County Aids Project annual fundraiser, “2011 Local Legends Gala”.

Chef Genny and Chef Sarah will be the Guest Pastry Chef and Chocolatier at the Desserts Table.

We are so honored and grateful to be participating in this glorious event!

Please go to the BCAP website for more information on how to purchase tickets to this amazing event!


2 comments on “Boulder County Aids Project Annual Fundraiser

  1. thanks for the wonderful deserts. I could not finish the huge Chocolate carmel one, I had to get a doggie bag so i could enjoy the rest of it later. YOU have THE BEST chocolate, we can’t wait to come into your store this week and see everything else you offer. Thanks for attending the Gala, It means the world to me for vendors like you giving up your time. you made a difference.

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