Camel Milk Truffles: A New Flavor for a New Partnership

Camels Milk Truffles

When we say “camel milk,” you say…

“…Camel come again?”

You’re reading this right. We’re proud to offer a new signature line of fresh camel milk truffles. But first, a little backstory:

We love partnering with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS). Remember our partnership for the Maya exhibit a few months back? We so enjoyed working with them to create an exclusive line of Maya-inspired truffles, sipping chocolates, medallions and more.

Fast forward a few months, and DMNS is putting the finishing touches on their new and upcoming exhibit, Traveling the Silk Road. As a part of the exhibit, they’re focusing on the importance of the Bactrian camel as the “ship of the desert,” carrying goods and people for long stretches across the Silk Road. Eager to partner with DMNS again, we wracked our brains on a fun and intriguing way to combine chocolate, the spice trade and camels.

Enter Colorado Camel Milk. (Stay with us here, folks.)

A family-run operation in Longmont, Colorado Camel Milk offers shareholders fresh, organic and delicious raw milk, pasteurized milk and kefir. Used medicinally for centuries by nomadic people, camel milk is the closest nutritionally to human milk and contains 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk.

See, we knew you’d be intrigued.

Camels Milk Truffles boxWith camel-scented wind in our sails (eww?), we went to the drawing board to develop an exclusive line of camel milk truffles that incorporate some of the most prolific spices found along the Silk Road. The results?

Kaffir Lime & Tellicherry Black Pepper truffle: A smooth camel milk ganache infused with kaffir lime and crushed Tellicherry black peppercorns folded into creamy white chocolate

Ginger Caramel truffle: Our signature caramel truffle with fresh-pressed ginger and deglazed with camel milk and butter

Pistachio Rose truffle: House-made roasted pistachio marzipan with a touch of cardamom, white chocolate camel milk ganache, and delicately scented with Egyptian rose water

Cinnamon Date truffle: A fresh puree of hand-pitted Israeli Medjool dates is folded into a smooth dark milk chocolate camel’s milk ganache and infused with aromatic Ceylon cinnamon

Arabica Coffee truffle: House-roasted Arabica coffee beans are soaked in camel milk to make a 64% dark chocolate ganache

Golden Figs: Whole sweet Calimyrna figs are gently warmed and filled with a rich and salty sweet camel’s milk ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and brushed with gold

Ready for a taste? The new truffle line launches this week.

A huge thank you to both DMNS and Colorado Camel Milk for working with us in this unprecedented – and surprisingly delicious! – partnership.


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  1. Holy Smokes!!! How amazing and cool.
    You’re right – I a) did not know about camel milk, and b) am VERY intrigued.
    I’ll have to stop by the shop very soon – thanks so much for this post.
    How exciting.
    Will the chocolates also be sold at DMNS?

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