Happy Thanksgiving to My Most Wonderful Employees and Their Families & Loved Ones

… thank you to Seth Godin for the inspiration of this post from his post, “The vulnerability of ‘thank you’ “…


Thank you = Vulnerability

Thank you as in: I couldn’t do this without you.
Thank you as in: You are the most difficult, scary, unpredictable, sometimes infuriating and irritating, and heart wrenching part of this small business journey! I have really put myself out there and taken a chance on you! You are wholly not perfect. You make mistakes. Sometimes, you call in sick or you need time off from your schedule. There have been days when you have shown up without your “A” game. Yup.
Thank you as in: You are also the very best part of this glorious journey, too! When you show up and enjoy doing your job well, you are actually working for yourselves – not me, not PL&C – but for you, and I have noticed you shine doing it! In fact, there are times when your brilliance becomes a contagious thermo-nuclear source of rapture for me, your co-workers and our customers! The service you have given and the products you have created whilst in this joyous state are infused with your brilliance that travels far beyond our glass door at 805 Pearl Street. There have been times when each and every one of you have made my heart smile so big it makes my ribs ache!
Thank you as in: You must know, there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not feel vulnerable because of you. Know that there isn’t a day that I do not feel gratitude for you and all that you do. Without you, this dream would not be worth pursuing; it would be too insurmountably difficult and soul sucking. You make it easier, worthwhile, and soul satisfying.
Thank you as in: The great honor and pressure I feel of your trust in me to be your employer. As you know by now, I am wholly not perfect and I make mistakes, too. Sometimes, I show up without my own “A” game. Thank you for putting yourselves out there and taking a chance on me.
Thank you as in: It is a tremendous joy for me to wake up everyday and build something great together with you!
Thank you as in: Just that… THANK YOU!
Thank you so, very, very much!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family and loved ones!
I love you!


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