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My Beloved Chocophiles,

We are open – yes, it is true! Do forgive me for not telling you, but we were experiencing a few bumps along the way.  Admittedly, I think I was personally experiencing a little stage fright – after all, up until now, this has been one magnificent dream. Perhaps, I was a little scared to share it with you…?

Aw, shucks! I am over that now! COME ON IN and share a little chocolate love!

I’ll have to make this quick, so do forgive the incoherincy of my paragraphs – I just want to give you the highlights:

There is still a lot to do, but it was time to open our door! My paper mache cacao trees aren’t yet finished, and will perhaps take a few more weeks to complete. We took the craft paper down from the windows and our new signage is small and doesn’t yet scream “Open!”. When the weather warms up and there are more colorful offerings at the local nurseries, I will doll up the front a little more… we still don’t have all of our stools and chairs.

So far, the response has been great! Our sliding truffle case has been a huge hit! We designed it ourselves based on a similar concept I saw in France – in fact, people have commented that the boutique feels European. The truffle case is more like a jewelry case than a case for a food product, but when you see it and the bounty within it, you will understand. Chef Wybauw once told me that such chocolate works of love and edible art should be revered and treated like gold – after all, the ingredients and labor (of love) to create them is no inexpensive task, indeed!

Speaking of our truffle case, I am thrilled to be working with a variety of other chocolatiers, most of which are local – right here in Colorado – and we are offering many of their top sellers. Robin Chocolates, Desiderio Chocolates, The Art of Chocolate, Truffles in Paradise, Michel Cluizel, Moonstruck, and there are many more to come! We cannot keep up with the demand for Vanessa’s (Desiderio) Vegan Salt Caramels. I am also hoping Chef Norman Love will allow me the honor of representing his single origin “Black” line – such beautiful and delicious pieces!

We began offering our house sipping chocolate yesterday – the response was great. “Sergio” shared a cup with his son and then told me that it reminded him of the drinking chocolate he used to get in Mexico in his youth – I could tell by the way his gorgeous green eyes sparkled that I had touched a place in his heart! Thank-you, Sergio!

I use my special blend of roasted ancho and cascabel chili peppers to give it just the rejuvenative kick that one might need after a nice hike in our foothills… I am a little glad Chef Genny wasn’t working yesterday, as I don’t think she would have liked the smell of roasted chili peppers permeating our sweet kitchen – I’ll have to time my pepper roasting for her days off!

Also, I have been making my signature Champagne Cognac Truffles for our “Truffle of the Month” and Genny has complemented that nicely with our Champagne Cognac Truffle Torte offering in “Trudy”, our vintage pastry case – it’s available by the slice or whole. We thought it was an appropriate flavor to celebrate our opening.

Heidi is back from her family vacation in Mexico tomorrow (thank-goodness!). We have missed her so! She had booked the trip many weeks before I signed the lease and left five days after we opened. She was very concerned about leaving us at such a time, but we managed well – I only hope she’ll be able to figure our our, ummm, “creative inventory placement” with both the point of sale system and the floor… (sheepish grin!). When we are adequately staffed, we will hang the “Now Open” banner out under our truffle awning. Do you think a bull-horn would be a little over the top?

Our official ribbon cutting ceremony through the Chamber of Commerce is now scheduled for the 28th of April. Chef Craig Winter, of Aesthetic Ice of Denver, and one of my many beloved mentors, has offered to provide a chocolate luge for the event. I’ll have to ask him what, exactly, is a chocolate luge…? I am not even sure that I am spelling that right. I am not worried, though, Chef Winter is an ice sculpture artisan and can coax pure magic from frozen H2O – check out his web-site if you want to know more:

Oh! and did you see that great article in the Boulderganic about our boutique?!? My goodness! Thank-you, Jeff Dodge and all the staff at Boulder Weekly! We are sooooo grateful!

This week we are focusing on bringing in our spring and Easter offerings – I have some very fun and unique gift item ideas! Just you wait until you see what my idea of an Easter egg is – you’re gonna luv it! Robin has produced the cutest (and yummiest!) dark chocolate peanut butter and marshmallow “Crouching Bunny” piece! We are showcasing that along with some adorable other chocolate critters from Moonstruck- the bittersweet chocolate lamb is adorbs and delish!

Heidi  has you covered as far as Easter baskets – come on it and choose your own unique gift items and yummy treats from our shelves and we’ll doll it all up for you!

Yes, there is definitely a little spring in our steps here at PL&C… or is it a hop?

Come on in and let us share our chocolate love with you!

Warmest XX’s & OO’s, Sarah


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  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood! I can’t wait to take the time to come drink and eat some chocolate! My favorite! Patty Ross-Owner, Clutter Consignment

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