Private Cooking Classes in Boulder – For Friends, Family, Coworkers & More!

Truffle Making ClassAt Piece, Love & Chocolate, we have been sharing and spreading our love for all things chocolate in near-weekly classes we offer right here in our Boulder, CO kitchen. From truffles to custards to molten chocolate cakes – we know what you want and we are ready to show you the ropes!

You might not know that we offer these classes directly to YOU as a private offering! We offer our private classes to 10 maximum participants, and it requires one-time fee of $750 for any of our chocolate baking classes and $850 for either a chocolate truffles or tempering class. 

All of our baking and cooking classes are available to book as a private event – so consult with your team and decide what you want to learn… is it creating the perfect truffle ganache? crafting the gooiest caramel? baking the perfect macaron? infusing chocolate into a panna cotta?

All of the above! 

Chocolate Pairing Workshops

We also offer a series of interactive chocolate pairing workshops, including our Craft Beer & Chocolate Dessert Pairing Workshop (co-hosted with Jeff Mendel of Lefthand Brewing Company) and our Fine Wine & Chocolate Dessert Pairing Workshop.

Our Chocolate Appreciation 101 Workshop is an entertaining and educational look at bean-to-bar production and chocolate tastings from around the world.

Our interactive workshops are held off-site at your home or facility ($75/per participant; min 20/max 50 participants). Call us for booking info – 303.449.4804

Private Classes at PL&C are great for…

Birthday Parties for Teens and Adults (most classes are 12+)
Team-building with your Corporate Crew
Kicking off Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Foodie Family Reunion Activities
& More!

So, gather up your typically-suit-and-tied office cohorts, your fun cousins, your bachelorette party crew, or just a group of your best friends and come on down to Pearl Street for some personal chocolate education!

Contact us at 303.449.4804 for information on scheduling your private class.