Heidi, Our Gift Guru…

No, we are not open, yet – please continue to be patient, my friends – update to come!

Now that Heidi, PL&C’s Gift Guru, has put herself out there and added to our PL&C blog with her “From Tea to Science… and now Chocolate, what a perfect Trifecta..” entry, I would like to give her a formal introduction to all of you.

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Genny, Our Cocoa Coordinator…

Madame Chocolat’s Blog: My Beloved Chocophiles, Nope, we are not open, yet – update to come this week!  So close, I promise! I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to my valued team. Because Chef Genny published her “School of Mom” entry last week, I will start with her. Genny is my kitchen […]

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