CU Boulder Parents Weekend? Stop in for Chocolate!

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Boulder, Colorado offers a lot of outing opportunities for students and their families while visiting during CU Boulder parents’ weekend. Downtown Boulder is home to amazing food, breweries, and some unique boutiques that can give you a feel for the local culture.

You know what goes perfectly with all that exploration? CHOCOLATE. And a lot of it! While you and your student are exploring the scenic West End of Pearl Street, come by and see us at Piece, Love & Chocolate for some treats that will warm your heart and thrill your sweet tooth.

Let’s take a look at our fall lineup for your visit to Boulder.

Our Fall Picks For Dining-InPiece Love and Chocolate, Boulder Colorado, Salted Caramel Whiskey Cake, Boulder Chocolate, Colorado Chocolate

The NEW Whiskey Business is a mini version of our bestselling salted caramel cake with just a touch of Maker’s Mark bourbon to spike this fan-favorite mousse. Look no further for your after-dinner dessert, this one does not disappoint.

Our take on traditional Tiramisu has topped our favorites list since we developed it. If you’re looking for a lighter dessert, tiramisu makes an excellent midday pick-me-up for an downtown stroll with its coffee-soaked and light creamy perfection.

The richness of our Black Forest Dessert makes for another fall favorite for those looking forward to the holidays. If you’re someone who likes their chocolate with some fruit and a little black forest spiking, the cherry-dominant Black Forest is the way to go.

The Best Gifts for Your CU Boulder Student

Here at Piece, Love and Chocolate we love being the indulgent snack-enabler to offer your student the sweet pick-me-up they need. And, if you’re worried about encouraging that sugar intake, we hand-make our cookies, bonbons, cakes, and drinks, with natural sugars. These house-made desserts are made with real hands, real ingredients, and real love for what we do.

Support your CU Buff with our buffalo-shaped Truffaloes. These are large dark-milk chocolate ganache truffles with a covering of our favorite 65% dark chocolate. Butterscotch chips make a sweet additions to the buffalo’s horns. Truffaloes are made and decorated in house to show our support for our local students and offer them the perfect blend of dark chocolate with a hint of a sweet milk finish.

Our beloved Buffanutters have changed shape from their original buffalo theme. They are now a elegant, gold-dusted squares called Peanut Butter Bouchee. Never fear, though, with their beautiful 65% dark chocolate covering these still give you the perfect black and gold treat. Peanut Butter Bouchee is an irresistible, melt-in-your-mouth confection featuring sweet and salty balance of milk chocolate and peanut butter.

And while you’re stopping by the shop, don’t forget to take home some Colorado treat for your family and friends, such as our Colorado Golden Nuggets. These chocolates are an homage to Colorado’s part in the gold rush. To make them, we cover candied almonds in dark chocolate. This is a process that we oh-so-appropriately call panning. Then, we dusted them with edible gold. These addictive almonds make great bar snacks during the holidays or desk snacks to share at work.

Cant Make It Out For Parent’s Weekend?

If you’re staying home and looking for a sweet gift to send your student or have them conveniently pick it up in shop while strolling downtown, consider a Buff Basket. This specialty basket is decked out with some of our best-sellers and Buff gear to show some school spirit.

For those who aren’t sure what your student may want or need to fuel their studies and chocolate addictions, you can purchase a PLC Gift Card in store or online. That way they can stop by for a hot cocoa and a truffle whenever they like.

Something Special for the Locals

And for Colorado locals, PLC Classes are here to help you bond with your CU Buff, even while they start to spend more time away from home. Through the fall we are offering classes in making your favorite high-end chocolate products from from eclairs to French macarons, and ganache truffles. If you’re wondering what you can learn in a PLC class, check out our explanation here.

Click here to view our PLC class schedule.


We’d love to see you stop by for parents weekend. Bring your loved ones into the shop to try out some of our house sipping chocolate while eating a few of our wonderfully indulgent mini desserts.