New Dairy-less Truffle

As your devoted chocolatier, I have heard your many requests and I have been working on several dairy-less ganaches. These ganaches are rather challenging! They are such delicate emulsions and like all good emulsions, depend on the perfect balance of fat and liquid to hold together.

Traditional ganache is a blend of equal parts chocolate to cream and, quite frankly, it is easy to emulsify chocolate into high fat ruminant cream! But take out the butter and cream and rely only on vegetable fats and oils? Plus, I don’t want to use coconut oil – it is beautifully high in fat, but it has a distinct flavor profile that is difficult to mask and not everything pairs with it.

Well now, that’s a whole new emulsion frontier… PL&C is going where few chocolate shops have gone before…

This week, I am debuting our “Dairy-free Dark” – a lovely truffle made with only four primary ingredients: dark chocolate (with no milk solids), almond milk, olive oil and additional cocoa butter.

It is simple in its flavor profile, texturally soft and smooth and it has all the umami and mouthfeel of butter. I know you will be pleased! Oh, and BTW, its vegan!