New Product(s) Spotlight of the Week

Get ready to work out your Obicularis oris (pucker) muscles; have we got some treats for you lemon lovers!

Holy Cannoli! – a crispy chocolate brushed cannoli shell filled with only the most classic cannoli filling—lightly sweetened ricotta cheese, a touch of citron and chocolate chips. They’re mini in size but gigantic in deliciousness.

Chocolate Lemon Tart – a buttery, crisp dark chocolate crust with a sealed kiss of white chocolate and a lemon curd custard.

Chocolate Genn-yclaires (Éclairs) – named after our cherished Cocoa Coordinator herself, Genevieve Claire, these delightful and crispy chocolate puffs of pastry are filled with a creamy white chocolate crème chiboust and garnished with a chocolate glaze.

PL&C Truffle; Lovely Lemon – a white chocolate butter ganache with lemon puree and zest!